Interview with Oscar Adán López Parres, director of "Who is God".

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I found it very interesting to interview Oscar Adán López Parres, who surprised me with a short film that is participating in the Rosarito International Film Festival, in Mexico, due to its complex and ambitious theme. The film is titled "Who is God", and obviously raises a metaphysical concern that is updated today with new scientific advances and artificial intelligence


Hi Adan, nice to meet you.

- Where did you grow up and when did your interest for cinema begin?

I grew up in Mexico, a country rich in culture and stories. My interest in cinema began in my childhood, inspired by the magical world of films by Guillermo del Toro.


TOC – Are influences in your work?


Absolutely. Guillermo del Toro's work, with its blend of fantasy and deep human emotions, has profoundly influenced my storytelling.


TOC - What were your film studies?


While I haven't had formal cinematic studies, I specialize in the intersection of AI and cinema. This unique combination allows me to bring a fresh perspective to filmmaking.


TOC - Are you interested in cinema as a business, as art, or some form of activism?


Cinema, for me, is an art form. It's a powerful medium to express human emotions and thoughts, and it also serves as a platform for meaningful activism.


TOC - What was the job that gave you the most satisfaction?


Creating "Who is God?" has been the most satisfying project. It’s a groundbreaking work that blends AI with profound philosophical questions, resonating with audiences worldwide.


TOC – Tell me how you finance your movies.


I financed "Who is God?" autonomously, with the invaluable support of my family. This allowed us to maintain creative freedom and produce something truly unique.


TOC - Is there anything about “Who is God?” that you need to explain?


"Who is God?" explores the essence of life and creation through the lens of AI. It’s a love letter to humanity, inviting viewers to reflect on our existence and the technology we create.


TOC - Are you a believer, atheist or agnostic?


I am a believer in God. This belief deeply influences my work and the themes I explore in my films.


TOC - Do you have an opinion on Artificial Intelligence?


AI is a double-edged sword. It has the potential to revolutionize our world for the better, but we must use it responsibly and ethically. "Who is God?" highlights both the promise and the perils of AI.


TOC - What are you working on right now?


Currently, I'm working on music and video projects for a company, focusing on integrating AI to push creative boundaries even further.


TOC - Do you have a feature film project?


At the moment, there’s no feature film project, but I’m open to the idea. The lessons learned from "Who is God?" pave the way for more ambitious projects in the future.


TOC - What are your goals in cinema?


My goal is for "Who is God?" to reach as many people as possible, sparking conversations about AI and our place in the universe. I aim to continue blending AI with cinema to create innovative and thought-provoking works.


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