Borja Soler: "More than corruption, Mindanao talks about feelings"

INTERVIEWS 21/01/2022

By (Google translation from Spanish) In 2013, Borja Soler (Valencia, 1983) produced and co-directed the feature film Stockholm , together with Rodrigo Sorogoyen , which, among other awards, won the Goya and the Feroz for best drama. A good letter of introduction for someone who would be multi-awarded again with the shorts Now We Will Be Happy and Snorkel . The director returns to the path of awards with 17 minutes of Mindanao , a disturbing short film starring Carmen Machi and Paulina García.

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in the name of the earth

Javier López Iglesias
REVIEWS 04/12/2023

In the name of the earth , the new work by Dorotea Kobiela Welchman and Hugh Welchmann, Polish filmmakers who five years ago, with Loving Vincent , surprised us by giving life to Van Gogh's paintings through an elaborate technique that hand-colors the Scenes previously filmed with real actors, he once again displays sensitivity and ingenuity when filming, using the same technique, a rural drama based on a novel by Nobel Prize winner Wladyslaw S. Reymont.