'Euphoria': The heartbreaking season 2 finale proves that the HBO series has one of the best female casts on television

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We were already being warned episode by episode and, of course, the second half of season 2 of 'Euphoria' has had us on edge suffering not only for Rue (Zendaya), but also for her excellently played friends until reaching a spectacular finale of season that sums up, to perfection, what we have experienced in this round .

In case it is not obvious enough, here we are going to dive into the last episodes of the HBO Max series, so there will be spoilers.'Euphoria': the true story that inspired the failed Israeli series on which the exciting HBO drama is based
We were saying a few weeks ago, regarding the premiere of these new episodes, how powerful they were. Impression that came, above all, after the fact that the last time we saw Rue and Jules was in two specials: as deep as they are calm in their style .

power and depth
Thus, the power and the sought-after exaggeration have been maintained during the eight episodes of this season 2 of 'Euphoria' without this coming to the detriment of being able to deal with, debate and delve into its themes. This, while planting amazing episodes like 'Stand Still Like the Hummingbird' continues to show that Sam Levinson is an amazing craftsman both in writing but, perhaps more, in directing.

This has not prevented the series from continuing to be in the eye of controversy. The author's obsession with going both crude and visual has brought back critical voices around the description of drugs or the generous use of nudity . Controversies that, especially in the first case, denote that series and movies are increasingly seen "diagonally" .

Perhaps because he is aware that the occasional clueless viewer remains on the surface, Sam Levinson performs an entire exercise in metafiction in the last hours of this season. Thus, the creator proposes that we be spectators of 'Our Life', the play written and directed by Lexi (Maude Apatow).

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Admittedly, this decision could be too obvious a move for the series. Not in vain does the protagonists attend a theatrical show about them and with people like Nate as a collateral victim at a time when their lives have slammed a door, a change.

While there is a lot of metafictional play to it, the theater allows the writer to explore things that have been established and taken for granted but have rarely been delved into . It is through the theatrical show (with great moments) that we travel back in time to see Lexi and Cassie's (Sydney Sweeney) relationship with her father, Rue's father's funeral, her start with drugs and friendship. of this and Lexi.

Heartbreakingly closing the plots
But, despite the fact that this theater is the backbone of the end of the season, it is not the only thing we have seen. There we have between scenes the closing of another of the arcs of the season, starring the Jacobs. Much more painful and hard to see is what concerns Fezco (Angus Cloud), who was hanging by a thread practically from the first episode.

In this sense, it is curious to see how Levinson dedicates time to the male characters of his series (and in fact we see the origin of Fezco in the first episode and that of Cal in the third) but no matter how many layers he develops around them, the series always ends by leaning towards one of the most impressive female casts on television today.

Of course, beyond Zendaya consolidating her Emmy nomination (her second) thanks to the frenetic fifth episode, this season has had a winning horse in Sydney Sweeney's Cassie from minute 1. The character has acquired one of edges and impressive nuances that the young actress masters.

The historic Emmy to Zendaya for 'Euphoria' is well deserved: the HBO series gives us the best performance of the last year
And these are the two giants who lead a cast in which none of their companions is only left behind because of the timing , not because of talent. Perhaps another one that has had the most evolution has been Alexa Demie's Maddie and this season more screen time has been missed for Barbie Ferrera, but everything can't be.

In short, season 2 of 'Euphoria' has been as powerful as it is heartbreaking . The impeccable direction of Sam Levinson is perfectly combined with a spectacular cast with episodes that have once again become an obsession that borders on perfection.