A beautiful walk through Golconda

REVIEWS Abel Figueroa

In a short film presented at the "Literature in Film Festival" in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we live a beautiful experience. “An Evening in Golconda”, by Teena Amrit Gill, recreates a poem by renowned Indian poet Kunwar Narain, where the protagonist is the Golconda fort in Hyderabad, India.

Teena Amrit Gill is an independent filmmaker and also a poet. His film, which was an official selection at the festival, stood out for its elegant and profound cinematographic language, in the aesthetic appreciation, in 11 minutes, of an ancestral place that surely invites recollection.

She is presently directing a film on gender and sexuality in early and contemporary Buddhism in India's Himalayan region, and an Independent film on the theme of Interbeing – through poetry, quantum physics, the natural sciences, and spiritual traditions.