Cannes Film Festival 2022: the long-awaited return of George Miller is a romantic tale full of fantasy and passion for stories

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We had been waiting for a new George Miller movie for seven years . After the phenomenal ' Mad Max: Fury Road ', expectations were very high with the return of the Australian filmmaker, who presented at the Cannes Festival a unique fantastic drama entitled ' Three thousand years waiting for you ' ('Three Thousand Years of Longing' ).

Once upon a time...
In the line of films such as ' The Fall ' (Tarsem Singh, 2006) or ' Life of Pi ' (Ang Lee, 2012), Miller's latest work once again vindicates the value of stories with a narration full of extraordinary elements , magical, where truth and fantasy intertwine in such a way that it will be up to the viewer to interpret what is real and what is not. Or just get carried away and stay with the moral.

 The protagonist, Alithea ( Tilda Swinton ), is presented as an analytical and independent woman who begins to have strange visions during a trip in Istanbul. An expert in the art of storytelling, Alithea buys a strange bottle from which a "djinn" ( Idris Elba ) emerges, the classic genie of the lamp from 'The Arabian Nights' who offers to grant three wishes to anyone . release him from his prison. 

Logically skeptical at first, Alithea decides to satisfy her curiosity and asks the djinn for his story. A starting point that allows George Miller to display all kinds of amazing situations and spectacular images , while he tells us the origin of his protagonists and his needs, establishing a peculiar relationship of mutual benefit. And it is that Alithea, despite the cold surface of her, has a desire that she did not want to acknowledge... 

From the start, Miller proposes a leap of faith. Incredible creatures soon appear and Elba's entrance with her pointy ears and her superhuman powers makes the intentions of the film very clear. It is a traditional tale full of magic, romance, adventure, tragedy and warnings , inspired by Eastern legends. Of course, do not expect an adult film: Miller is aimed at all audiences so he is careful when showing violence or sex. a pity We can only hope that some djinn will offer us a director's cut...

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 If you accept the proposal, if you relax and don't panic with a fantastic reading of human conflicts (with special effects closer to cartoons than a live-action blockbuster), Miller does not disappoint . He proves once again that he is a master of mise-en-scène , a skilled storyteller with all the tools he needs to arouse the emotions he seeks in his audience. Among them, two charismatic actors delivered to the fun game of the filmmaker.

Presented at Cannes out of competition, the biggest problem with 'Three thousand years waiting for you' may be arriving late, or at the wrong time, with theaters suffering from competition from platforms, with so many fans of the director eager to see the next 'Mad Max' ... offer a film steeped in romance and tradition at a time of cynicism. We'll see how it works at the box office, I hope it succeeds, and if not, it has the makings of a cult title.