'Intimacy': Netflix's powerful series explores the repercussions of a sexual leak with a great female cast but an unsatisfactory script

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This same June 10, two of the great Spanish bets of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix debut . From the first we get 'No limits' , a series that bets on the epic and an agile narrative to tell us the story of the first trip around the world, while the second proposes 'Intimacy' , which explores all the repercussions associated with a scandal caused by the leaking of a sexual video.

Created by Laura Sarmiento ('Matadero') and Verónica Fernández ('Hache'), 'Intimacy' is a series with an eminently female focus. Of course there are men in it, but the main focuses of interest are them, with the character of Itziar Ituño as the main reference, although this does not mean monopolizing the limelight. Here everything is quite spread out, which helps to offer a more complete vision of such a traumatic experience.

A matter of focus
As in the case of 'Limitless', the first episode of 'Intimacy' is the least satisfactory of those I've seen . In this case, I understand that a certain emotional coldness was necessary and that the tendency to isolate the protagonists makes sense so that they gradually open up later as they assimilate better and react to what has happened, but in return they make use of certain narrative resources that difficulty connecting with what he is telling us.

From the use of the voiceover, which is mitigated in later episodes, to dialogues that sacrifice any type of subtlety to function as a hammer in the idea they want to convey . That removes a certain naturalness from the story, making it clear that what may seem like a great idea on paper does not have to be put into images as well. The blow of effect over the clear and logical narrative.

That is something that continues to apply to the series later, but at least it is not so annoying as several plot lines open up with elements more typical of an investigation but without ever being completely so. That balances the dramatic aspect by not focusing so much on the role of victims and giving them a more active role without ever forgetting their condition. In exchange, he sometimes uses too obvious elements to underline the latter.

There the series never shines, but at least that game between pure drama and thriller adds an added interest to the story. Of course, it seems very strange to me to have to resort to it as a point of support when the stories of these abuses should have more than enough strength to sustain 'Intimacy'.

Weaknesses and strengths
And it is that in its own way of presenting each of its central stories is where the main weakness of 'Intimacy' lies. There will be those who see here a critical and reflective look at the worrying reality of blaming victims in cases like this, but something more than a very powerful starting point is needed.

Here, that vital burden that you must feel when something like this happens to you is transmitted very well -it is not my case, so I cannot be sure either-, but then two important problems arise. The first is that a lot of dialogue falls into the obvious to the point that it is very hard to believe . It is as if they were there to highlight ideas -or even morals- without worrying in the least that it is believable that they are said at a time like this.

On the other hand, 'Intimacy' suffers from a certain dispersion , partly due to developing several plots at the same time without finishing the link between some, but also because there are moments when it feels somewhat artificial, and that is very difficult to go through something in a proposal like the one we are dealing with. I understand that commitment to a cause is sought, but in return you can load the verisimilitude as you exceed it.

In return, 'Intimacy' has a great job by its main actresses, perhaps surprising Yune Nogueiras ( 'Akelarre ') more for being the least known of the six protagonists. However, the one that best manages to go beyond those vices that the script mentioned is Itziar Ituño , who soon takes control of the situation and demonstrates that an active attitude is the best way not to be eaten alive in a scene like this.

In addition, technically and visually, 'Intimacy is attractive , both because of its good ability to take advantage of exterior scenes -it is always nice when series leave Madrid's centralism aside to set the story in other parts of our country- and because of its the painstaking work on the interiors. It is noted that there is money, yes, but also that it has been used beyond its distribution.

In short
I wish I could say that I loved 'Intimacy' , because it is based on a very powerful idea that has not been sufficiently explored in film or television, and what's more, it does so with a cast of great actresses. Unfortunately, I can't do that, as it often goes too easy, sacrifices subtlety for the direct punch, and some of its dialogue sounds like it was the first version they had of what they wanted to convey and didn't polish it. However, it also has its virtues, but with this material it should have been much better.


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