Interview with TJ Walker.

His "Black Sun" took an "Honorable Mention" in Mexico.

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In the eighth edition of the Rosarito International Film Festival, perhaps the most prestigious film festival in Mexico, TJ Walker won an "Honorable Mention" for his short film "Black Sun", which swept the public's preferences.
In a post-apocalyptic aesthetic elevation, the film is located, with its own style, at the height of the great films of the genre. In a relaxed chat, TJ Walker tells us his thoughts.


TOC- Tell me something about yourself. Age and first intervention in cinema. 

TJW - I'm 43 years old, cinema has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember.


TOC - Are you interested in science fiction enough to focus your next works on it? 

TJW - Sci-Fi is my favorite genre, my goal is to brand "Black Sci-Fi" much like Jordan Peele is currently doing with the horror genre I want to focuses on inserting all BIPOC cast in the Sci-Fi projects we create.


TOC - It is evident that in “Black Sun” there is a focus on the aesthetics of the post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Are you particularly interested in aesthetics in cinema? 

TJW - Definitely! Guillermo del Toro is one of my favorite all time filmmakers, I'm inspired by his aesthetic brilliance, I put a lot of energy into a aesthetics.


TOC -Do you believe in the real possibility of an apocalyptic future or is it just a metaphor of man playing with his destiny? 

TJW - After Covid 19 I believe anything is possible for a apocalypse. I also believe in the will of the human race, If we all come together we as a race can achieve so much. 


TOC - Is “Black Sun” part of a larger project with the same theme? 

TJW - Yes Black Sun is a upcoming trans-media series which consist of a live action full feature film, virtual reality experience and a interactive comic book.


TOC - Do you recognize influences in your style? 

TJW - I would say my style has a splash of influence from my 2 favorite filmmakers Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo del Toro. I usually direct with my partner Rick Walters, as a duo we create our own unique style. 


TOC - Do you exercise or would you like to exercise some kind of activism through your art? 

TJW - I do, stay tuned for our future projects!


TOC - How do you see the film industry at this moment? 

TJW - The Film industry is at a crossroads, technology is changing everything and giving us filmmakers amazing tools to work with like virtual production and Artificial intelligence, we are going to see a huge evolution in the indie filmmaking scene.  


TOC - Tell me your plans or projects. 

TJW - We now have a high tech virtual production studio and a talented team of filmmakers and artist. So far we are creating films, interactive movies, virtual reality content, comic books, video games and cutting edge documentaries and this is all in year 1!