Let's have a good time!

REVIEWS Javier López Iglesias

Indeed, just as those responsible promulgate, I'm going to have a good time , David Serrano's new film, is fresh and fun, full of energy and good vibes. A comedy marked by a magnificent and well-structured script that flows to the rhythm of Hombres G, the band from Madrid that is part of the musical memory of several generations in our country.
As is evident from beginning to end, the film revolves around the music of the band, led by David Summers, that was conceived in the 80s between the Rowland bar in the Parque de las Avenidas in the capital and the Faculty of Journalism of the Complutense University.  

The songs that sound have been co-produced and performed by the group itself and, in addition to having the support of a powerful orchestra, are nourished by new musical arrangements by the composer Zeltia Montes, winner of the Goya for best original music in 2021 for El good patron , who is also the author of the original soundtrack.

Story of love and friendship that continues over the years, initially the action dates back to September 1989 in Valladolid. There, at the age of 14, David and Layla have just started the eighth year of EGB at a public school. Hombres G is the music that, almost obsessively, accompanies them. They also like each other very much, but since David, despite the good will of her friends, is always so badly advised, all the efforts he undertakes to win her over end up being a disaster.

Despite everything, the two become inseparable and get into more and more trouble, and even when they are together the impulse to sing and dance to the songs of their favorite group is so strong that they start doing it in the middle of the street. . And that's because they're having a good time. Very well.

Also in Valladolid history jumps three decades. David and Layla haven't seen each other since the late eighties, but they've never forgotten each other. For Layla, things, at least professionally, could not have gone better: she is a film director and she has won an Oscar. David's life, on the other hand, has been flatter and neither he is famous nor has he won any prizes. Layla returns to town for a tribute and the two spend a week together. During those days they will no longer sing and dance in the street, but they will realize that the children they were have not completely disappeared.

In 1989 and in 2022, the protagonists of what we see and hear will fight with all their might not to definitively leave that one, their first love. And for having a good time. Very well.

David Serrano , who on this occasion also signs the script together with Luz Cipriota, is the director and/or screenwriter of interesting cinematographic proposals such as  Días de Fútbol, ​​The Other Side of the Bed or The Two Sides of the Bed and a relevant figure in musical theater as author of the libretto for Today I Can't Get Up and, among other works, as director of the adaptation of the musicals Billy Elliot and Grease .  

The action is given life and credibility by its protagonists: Raúl Arévalo as an adult David; Mexican actress Karla Souza as an adult Layla ; Dani Rovira and, also splendid in their roles, -acting, singing and dancing- the kids Izan Fernández ( Liberty, the musical The Lion King ) as David boy; Renata Hermida, as Layla as a child; Rodrigo Diaz and Rodrigo Gibaja. It is fair to comment that they were chosen in a casting in which more than five hundred applicants participated.  

Nostalgia, humour, sensitivity and, above all, entertainment come together in I'm going to have a good time so that, doing the title well and justice to what the screen conveys to us, we really have a great time.

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