"Walking in the Wrong Direction", review

REVIEWS Al Cartagiron

Surely Lisa Singletary dipped into her experience in theater to produce, write and direct the short film, "Walking in the Wrong Direction", showing her craftsmanship in cinema with complete efficiency.

Scripted within a theatrical structure, she tells the story of Claire, who’s mourning the recent death of her brother. On a Halloween night, with music blaring, she tries to escape from her problems when the visit of a friend, demanding clarification regarding a previous talk, anticipates an intimate and conflictive conversation. The issue is never reveled, creating an interesting dynamic where the viewer must interpret this on their own. This ambiguity is perhaps the script’s greatest achievement.

The way Singletary handles the third act leads me to believe that almost all confessions, even the most sincere ones, end up being incomplete. Something very difficult to determine, even for the most advanced psychology.
Lisa Singletary has a book to her name, which explains the literary intention in this dramatic crescendo, where an ending that is not unexpected is a perfect denouement, remaining half open.

Samantha Verde and Aya Zayter don't particularly excel in the leading roles, but they are very well directed and the story remains engaging until the end. As a first step in film directing, we can surely expect more to come from the experienced theater veteran. However she does has two previous producer efforts in film worthy of celebrating as well, “11:11” and “Just a Picture”.

"Walking in the Wrong Direction" is entertaining and excellent for discussion.