“LET YOU GO” A short film about the strength of the past.

REVIEWS Adam Steiner


Dylan Galicia's short film “Let You Go” was presented at the most recent Orchid International Queer Film Festival in Rosarito, Mexico. The film stood out, it was a favorite of the attending public.

In just over 11 minutes, Dylan manages to focus precisely on the mixed feelings generated by romances that ended and that we believe are already in the past. The dark beginning is a premonition of what is to come. Andrea, played by Mariel Fonseca, says goodbye to her lover to enter a kind of vision that removes her from reality. Like a ghost from the past, Jessica appears, an old lover whom she has not been able to forget. This fills her with guilt and indecision.

The plot, which revolves around a lesbian relationship, goes through a very open emotional problem that is valid regardless of the nature of a romantic situation.

In a minimalist narrative, the film takes place during Andrea's next day, when, in her solitude, she must make fundamental decisions. Dylan composed the music, is the screenwriter, editor, and photographer, assuming almost total technical responsibility for the production. This is a success, since the film is nourished by silences. The few loose notes dress the story with a certain sadness.
Ana Pau Barrera and Monserrat Sanchez aptly accompany Mariel Fonseca, who excelled enough to win the award for best actress in the film. Dylan, who seems very young to already have such a notable entry into the industry, won the award for best photography.