THE ASSIGMENT" best feature film in the 9th Logcinema Art Film Festival

NEWS William Cox

At the 9th Logcinema Art Film Festival, "The Assignment," directed by Gabriel De Piero / Sebastián Buttafuoco, starring Gaston Biagioni, took home the Best Film and Best Cinematography awards.


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Nueve lecciones de vida que aprendí de Donald Sutherland

Alfonso Bueno López

Last Thursday, June 20, the chameleon actor Donald Sutherland died in Miami. The actor, of Canadian origin, leaves behind a legacy of almost two hundred appearances in film and television, where his charisma, versatility and professionalism always shone. Hollywood did not appreciate in time one of the great actors of his generation, and wanted to compensate his blindness with an honorary Oscar, which was delivered to him in 2017. In an emotional speech, brimming with lucidity and a sense of humor, he thanked the characters he had played throughout his career, thanking them for having used their lives to talk about their own lives.